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 ....This website, “Veazey Images,” has been created as a ‘public place’ where our friends,  acquaintances and members of the public can view, review, and enjoy these digitalis works which we have created through over the years.

One of our objects with this website is to offer a way for others to obtain copies of these images in printed form, so that others may to continue enjoy them and, maybe to  display them in their own home or businesses.  Our mission is NOT to treat this endeavor as a ‘business’ but as a public channel through which we are able share the 'residual results' of our serious hobby, at a economical and fair price, without the high cost of overhead which is found by being in a public store front or at commercial venue.

Please, feel free to 'CLICK' on any of the above "Menu Selections" in our site to navigate & to learn more about who we are... and how we share our beauty every day.  You may also contact us by email under the above 'About Us' menu tab (top right) should you have questions or want something in a larger size.

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** NOTE:  All images on this site are ©Copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any fashion.


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