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Our Website Philosophy

In the beginning, we have made it clear that we have established this website to ‘serve as a public channel’ by which we can offer our images to others.  That being said, we certainly must consider pricing which is fair, but not at a point where we lose money.  What Veazey Images has become, is a serious hobby, which affords us the opportunity to do something which we love, but we do not want to develop it into a full-time effort which takes away from our enjoyment of our retirement years and our traveling at large. 


What we do not charge for and does not factor into the cost of our prints are thing like tens of thousands of dollars in camera equipment, the cost of overhead to maintain a studio or an office, formal marketing cost, related maintenance cost or related professional services such as lawyers, accountants, bookkeeping services and alike… What we charge you is the basic product cost, with a fair margin added on top to ensure we do not lose money with what we do…  In no way, do we make a profit from this endeavor or do we strive to do that…  But, keep in mind that these printed photos are ‘professional grade’ – NOT that like which you buy at Walmart, Sams Club, or Walgreens and,  much more time and care goes into the production of each print.



Sizes Formats

As for sizes and types of prints available, we at Veazey Images (Jan and Geroge) have decided to limit our offering to a relative few sizes and paper types for the purpose of keeping it simple.  At the bottom end, we start with the smallest print size being a 12” x 18”, and we go up to an offering size of 30” x 50”…  Yes, there are other smaller sizes which can be created BUT, if our friends are going to enjoy the ownership of a quality print, we believe it should be in a size which is large enough they can appreciate. 


As for formats, you will find that most of our images on this site follow a basic 2 x 3 format (i.e. 12 x 18) which is the general basic dimension of a camera sensor on a modern day, professional digital camera which is 24mm x 36mm in size.   With that in mind, it is and has been our philosophy to try to format an image in that format in order to take full advantage of the entire amount of the camera sensor and to make the best quality image which can result from our equipment.


We have also decided to offer our images in ‘print form’ only at the beginning for several reasons.  With the fact that the number of sizes is limited and, in the form of prints only, by doing this, we are actually putting much of the ‘product finalization’ at the door of the buyer because we believe that it is really up to your, the consumer, to best decide how the print will be matted, mounted and with the right color and sizes to use. 


Jan and I fully believe that this can best be done in the hands of the end consumer and at the site of where the work is to be viewed and enjoyed – NOT at some distant location, through a website, without the touch and feel of actually having the print in your own hand.


In Closing…

Yes, there are other sizes and materials which can be printed upon.  We ourselves, use a variety of different formats such as canvas, metals, and acrylics to produce some of our own works which we display and exhibit publicly from time to time.  Should you have a need for a much larger print or richer quality display material, we would suggest that you first take advantage of ordering the same image which you are interested in with one of the smaller sizes, and once you know that you would be much happier with something bigger and different materials, please contact us via the below URL for our email contact.  Keep in mind that, we travel extensively and much time, outside the U.S.A., so it may take a short while for us to respond.



George & Jan









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